New Dragon Mongolian Grill and Buffet

New Dragon is one of the best options for a Chinese and Mongolian Cuisine in the area.

Food is always fresh and locals love this place when they feel that craving for a Chinese meal.

My personal favorite is the Mongolian Grill where I can pick and choose from a variety of Veggies, Meats, Starches and Sauces to create the perfect Bowl. Don’t be afraid to ask what combination of Mongolian Grill the chef recommends, he will give you some pointers. Their sushi is also pretty good with a variety of 5 or 6 different choices. It is a good option to accommodate large companies and families with kids, since they have the ability to put together a setup for your group in a semiseparate hall. Staff is friendly, and although they are pretty busy will pay attention to your needs or special requests.

If the buffet tables are not exactly your cup of tea, there is a really extensive menu with over a 100 choices, that will be cooked fresh specifically for you.

The restaurant offers Chinese or American beer and wine, along with all the soft drinks.

If you wanted to set up at home with a ready Chinese meals variety, you are in luck again. If you give them 10-15 minutes for take-out or 40 minutes for delivery, you will have it at your door conveniently and in time.