The ultimate beach restaurant, right in front of Seascape Resort. Situated on one of the most beautiful and wide beaches in the area, you should come here both for the food and drinks and of course for the view. It was renovated a few years ago and now definitely looks nicer. They have a nice selection of fish sandwiches or seafood and delectable cocktails. You can combine coming here with a nice walk after on the promenade with stunning views of the sunset that will present you with a perfect backdrop for your photo op session.

Well almost everyone saw the movie and the bar is pretty close to what you’d imagine. Sexy Bartenders will entertain you dancing on the bar, while you are ordering your drink, but after… please keep it in your hand since it could be knocked over easily by those big moves…. Over all it is a great option for a higher energy bar, where you can let loose and have fun with friends while sipping on your favorite drink, or just doing a shot. When you enter you realize that it is bigger than it looks and you can play some pool, play beer pong or ride a mechanical bull. Wednesdays are Ladies Nights and there are bands and special events happening here pretty often – just check their website for the schedule. Coyote Ugly is Spring Break headquarters and definitely a place you should see at least once while in Destin. It is close to almost every other bar at the Harbor, so you will have other options if it gets too crazy for you. Please have a designated driver or a taxi lined up. Black Taxi is usually no more than a couple of minutes away from it and […]

Situated at the beginning of Holiday Isle, this Place is fairly new, but boasts a very different atmosphere. The artsy Décor on the walls and bold colors will encourage you to let loose and relax. The food is always perfect and the staff is just amazing. The happy hour here is between 5:00 and 6:30 and the bands will make sure you are having a great time later that night. Mondays to Thursdays, they feature a variety of local bands. Fridays feature Jones & Company – eclectic and talented musicians who will entertain you with Jazz and Funk. Saturdays they have Simply D’Vyne –Jazz, Blues and Funk. Later on Fridays and Saturdays the DJ’s will also play your favorite contemporary tunes from top 40 Pop and RnB bands. Their drink specials are really tempting so please have a designated driver or a taxi in mind. Black Taxi will be happy to drive you home safe and on time.

This is one of the few bars in Destin that has it all – the atmosphere, staff and location. It is better known as a local’s bar, where the music is not super loud and you can actually enjoy a conversation with your friends, or friendly strangers. They have an indoor space, which is smaller but will entertain you with some bar games and a music machine. The outdoor deck, overlooks the Boathouse and the Harbor. The alcohol selection will satisfy even the picky ones and the drinks are masterfully made. They have plenty of screens where you can watch your favorite games while sipping the chosen libation. The bar is consistently busy, although it usually gets that way later, around 11:30 or midnight. You can count on it even on the week days in the winter, when there is not much going on anywhere else. After all the strong drinks and adventures, remember to have a designated driver or a Taxi in mind. Black Taxi is usually close to Red Door so go ahead and call!

McGuire’s is one of Destin’s Staples. Not only has it been here forever, but it is amazing how it keeps all its patrons happy all the time. They offer something unique and yet comfortably familiar. The atmosphere is one where you can feel relaxed just by entering its doors. The layout is versatile and interesting with a variety of dining areas and bars. There are so many attractions in the décor – from the million signed dollar bills on the ceiling and walls to the smart and entertaining signs and portraits. Be careful when you go to the bathroom as reading those signs carefully is required. They have an amazing Steak which comes out on a wooden board sizzling with aroma. The thick Burgers are one of a kind and The Bean Soup price is just…. unbelievable. This is the place to get your Irish Wakes and take the jar home as a reminder of the good times you had. Thursdays is ladies night and as you have guessed All Dames drink free. Fridays and Saturdays are really fun and always packed so get your table sooner. If you happen to be here on Saint Patrick’s Day, you cannot skip […]

Founded in 1986 and named after the owners Cat and Dog, it is definitely one of the best and biggest places in Seaside. Situated right across from the Courtyard, on the beach you are guaranteed a prime view. Their roof top Bar offers unforgettable sunsets while enjoying your favorite drinks. Whether you choose to come here for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner the experience will always be enjoyable. They are also specialists in catering for special occasions. The more casual options are their Pizza bar, which will have your mouth watering when you smell the artisan authentic wood fired pizza pies. The Taco Bar, will spoil you with authentic and fresh flavors of Taquerias and Guacamole. Regardless what you go for, the food will always surpass your expectations. They are serious about the farm- and sea-to-table principles and you will taste it even in their casual offerings. Good Food! Good People! Good Times!

One of the “Must See” places on 30A. It is situated in Grayton Beach and represents a very unique concept. Open for lunch and dinner and although the menu is not long at all, everything they serve is delectable. You need to try their Eggplant! They do not accept reservations, but you are welcome to arrive early and stay late. No plastic here either– Cash and Check only, although there is an ATM on site. Lunch is between Eleven and Three and Dinner between Five and Nine. Bar is open all day. The Red Bar Jazz band will entertain you Wednesdays to Saturdays 6 to 11 and Dread Clampitt will be there on Sundays. They have really nice t-shirts, cups and cozies in their gift shop so make sure to stop by. If you are staying in Destin or Miramar Beach, it will take you 30-40 minutes to get there, so have a reliable Taxi service lined up. Black Taxi has the newest vehicles in the area and their drivers know how to get you there and back fast and safe.