The Red Door Saloon

This is one of the few bars in Destin that has it all – the atmosphere, staff and location. It is better known as a local’s bar, where the music is not super loud and you can actually enjoy a conversation with your friends, or friendly strangers.

They have an indoor space, which is smaller but will entertain you with some bar games and a music machine. The outdoor deck, overlooks the Boathouse and the Harbor. The alcohol selection will satisfy even the picky ones and the drinks are masterfully made. They have plenty of screens where you can watch your favorite games while sipping the chosen libation. The bar is consistently busy, although it usually gets that way later, around 11:30 or midnight. You can count on it even on the week days in the winter, when there is not much going on anywhere else. After all the strong drinks and adventures, remember to have a designated driver or a Taxi in mind. Black Taxi is usually close to Red Door so go ahead and call!